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Weird Sister Machinery

Weird Sister Machinery performance (55') 2002
by Lydia Schouten & Miriam Reeders
produktiehuis De Rotterdamse Schouwburg
sound: Arthur Sauer | editor: Arthur Bueno
video 1 2 | stills

Animal Space Animal Space performance (30') 1980
flour, dry pigments, slides
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
American Centre, Paris, France
video | stills
Inside Out Inside Out performance (30') 1980
fluorescent paint, black lights, whip
Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France
Inside Out Inside Out II Performance (35') 1980
Whipping with fluorescent ink towards spray painted ladders. Enlighted by 3 backlights
De Fabriek, Eindhoven, Holland
I feel like boiled milk I feel like boiled milk, performance (30') 1980
flour, black soil
Art Aujourd'hui, Strasbourg, France
video | stills
Smile Smile performance (30'), 1979
Metal tubes, steel cable, 2 monitors,
plaster bandage, lipstick, watertanks
Künstlerhaus Hamburg, Germany
video 1 2 3 | stills
Sexobject Sexobject performance (30'), 1979
metal frame with rubber bands and leather corset
Whipping to balloons, filled with black ink
Galerie Felison, Velsen, Holland,
Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland
video | stills | Podcast (april 2022)
Huis / House Huis/House performance (30') 1979
Metal frame, ladder, cords, earth, petticoats, monitor
Medical Faculty, University of Rotterdam, Holland
Cultural Centre of Tilburg, Holland
Kooi/Cage Kooi/Cage performance (30'), 1978
Cage of 2x2x2m with built in watercolour pencils
Galerie Alto, Rotterdam, Holland
Summerfestival, Groningen, Holland
Symposium d'Art Performance, Lyon, France
video | stills
Breaking through the Circle Breaking through the Circle
performance (22') 1978
syrup, feathers, sticks, sugar-hearts, sound
Foundation De Appel, Amsterdam, Holland
Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany
video | stills
Love is every girls dream 1977 Love is every girls dream
performance (30') 1977
flour, broken mirrors, brickstones, two monitors, safety-belt, Stedelijk Museum Gouda, Holland
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